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Using Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

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"Nylon monofilament fishing lines have been the line of choice for most anglers and fishermen. It is the most popular of all the fishing lines available. Monofilament line is a thin line that is made of just a single nylon fiber. It can be utilized on spin casting, bait casting and spinning reels."

   But the monopoly of monofilament lines is being challenged by newer line products and one of them is the fluorocarbon fishing line. Fluorocarbon fishing lines have actually been used by anglers and fly fishermen for quite some time now and already considered for regular use by crappie fishermen. The fluorocarbon line is produced by combining a carbon material and other strong materials to create a line that makes it really almost invisible when underwater. Hence, it is very great for fishing in clear water.

   That’s right. Fluorocarbon fishing line has greater advantage over the monofilament line when it comes to visibility underwater. In fact, fluorocarbon fishing lines practically disappear in the clear water. The ultra-low visibility quality of fluorocarbon assures a more natural presentation. Fluorocarbon line also makes it less likely to scare the fish than the monofilament line.

   However, many fluorocarbon lines are said to be stiff and keep the shape of the reel spool, especially during cold weather condition. This can definitely cause problems when casting, especially in the case of spinning reels. The lighter versions of the fluorocarbon are better; still they can cause considerable problems in casting.  When I use fluorcarbon lines, I spray Real Magic from Blakemore on the spool.  This helps keep the line memory to the minimum, strong, and used as a fish attractant.   

   Likewise, there were reports of fluorocarbon lines as being very brittle, making them easier to break.  Again, spraying Real Magic after every 10-12 casts will help prevent that from happening.  But also keep in mind that the brand of fluorocarbon line product is very important as some are definitely much better in quality than the others. The best way to know if which works best for you is to try a few brands and test all of them under your usual fishing conditions.

   For many anglers and fishermen who have experienced using the fluorocarbon fishing line, this invisible line quality does make a difference. Many who use them and fish along with other fishermen who on the other hand use tinted lines actually fare better in their catches. While those with fluorocarbon carbon are very much contented with the good fish catch, others with the colored lines would have to make do with less or even no catch. Hence, despite its existing flaws, the fluorocarbon fishing line’s invisibility feature makes it really worth using for your next fishing adventure.

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