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"Don't wait for that first beautiful day of summer when everyone is waiting to go out on the boat, and the engine won't start. By checking all of the necessary things before you put your boat in the water, you will eliminate any problems, and possibly getting stranded out in the water."

   The best thing to do to make sure that your boat is summer ready, is test it out before you plan to use it. You are so excited to get out on the water for the first day of the boating season, that you figure, "Hey, it was running fine at the end of last year. It should be fine now."
Safety Equipment:
   Make sure that your safety equipment is in good condition.
Lifejackets are an essential part of boating, and should not have any tears. Also make sure that there are enough for everyone on board, and that children's fit properly.
Fire extinguishers are necessary to have readily available. Make sure that they are in working order and charged, because discharge usually happens in months of storage. Check the expiration date.
   One thing that may be overlooked when getting your boat summer-ready is your registration. Check to make sure it is current, and that you have the sticker on your boat.

Hull, Topside, and Deck:
   Give your boat a good spring cleaning.
The topsides, hull, and deck need to be cleaned with a mild detergent, polished, and waxed
Check the hull for any cracks, abrasions, or other damages, and repair if necessary. Also make sure the plug is intact and in good condition.
Also check to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies for a boating trip.

Electronics, Lights and Batteries:
   Make sure that you have a working battery; if you don't have power, you won't get very far.
Reattach the cables, and check to make sure the battery is charged and will remain charged. If it seems to be weak, or not charged; replace it. It is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with a battery that can die out and leave you stranded.
Check cabin and navigation lights to make sure that they are working properly. It is a good idea to have spare lights on board just in case.
Check exposed wires for cracks or wear, and make sure they are attached properly
Make sure all electrical components are in working order such as; radio, bilge pump, horn, etc.

Engine and Fuel:
   Replace the gas from last year and top it off to avoid condensation build up
replace the fuel filter, and make sure that the lines are attached and not cracked
Change the oil and oil filters
Check coolant and transmission fluid and change if necessary
Check the tension of the belts, and tighten if needed to prevent wearing and slipping.
It is a good idea to start your engine out of the water ahead of time to make sure it is good condition.
   By going through this checklist, you can avoid a lot of trouble out on the water. If you come across a problem, it is much easier to fix before it is too late, and possible does more damage. Your boat is now ready to hit the water, go ahead and enjoy the summer!

Author:  Kristy Bateman.

Kristy Bateman is the the writer for Earl's Blog on These articles are unique and helpful to anyone looking to learn something about boating and or fishing. Please visit to view other unique articles from Kristy Bateman. is the simplest solution to buying and selling 'Ur' boat.

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