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"For over 30 years, anglers from around the country have been catching bass regularly on the Original Culprit worm.  Culprit are constantly coming out with their original and innovative soft plastics attributed to its classic designs...lively kicking action and unique color options that not only catching the eye of the anglers, but more importantly, FISH."

   Located just outside the city limits of Clermont, Florida, Culprit Lures has grown to be one of the fishing industry's top lure producers specializing in soft plastic lures.  To mark its 25th anniversary celebration, Culprit has ventured into the panfish market with a line of specialized mini-grubs.  Culprit Crappie Baits features five lure designs, a crappie rig system,  Champions' Choice crappie jigheads, and Prism Poppers for panfish.
   The 2-inch Tassel Tail Grub has an unique, undulating tube-like tassels on the kicking tail for subtle waves of action even at very slow speeds.  The tassels also produce an enticing flotation responses without any or very little movement of the bait and while letting the bait dropping very slowly with a very light jig or with no weight.
   The Tassel Tail Grubs is a very versatile lure and they can be used in many different ways and conditions.  In the Spring and again in the Fall, try casting the Tassel tail grub past isolated stumps, brush and small pockets, and retrieving them very slowly.  If you're using a slip float or a cork bobber, use a very light jig and let it drop into cover.  They are also great to use while "slow-trolling" over humps, brush piles and drop-offs.  In the Summer, try using a Tassel tail grub with a Roadrunner from Blakemore around the lily pads, docks and in small ponds.


   The 2-inch Curl Tail Grub features a kicking tail that'll catch the attention of crappie with an erratic darting stealth-like action through cover and vegetation.  The Curl Tail grub is almost similar to the Tassel tail grub, but without the tassels and they can be fished the same way.  Because of the unique action and the vibration from the kicking tail, the Curl tail grub is the bait to use in more stained and dirtier water. 


   Culprit's 1 3/4-inch Paddle Tail Grub has a vibrating kicking tail, and the unique color selections provide versatility when trying to "match the hatch".  Using an erratic darting retrieve will force the tail to vibrate, and selecting a color that imitate a baitfish will not only help you catch aggressive fish, but when using a "jerk, pause, jerk" retrieve will force a reaction strike from inactive fish.  Try using the Paddle Tail grub from pre-spawn through post-spawn in the Spring, in shallow water in the Fall, and just off the bottom under docks in the Summer.


   The new 2-inch Swim Fin Grub features an ultra-thin fin that runs along the backside of the lure and finishes as a swimming tail.  This lure creates an undulating wave of action, much like the Tassel Tail grub, for a finesse presentation or at slow retrieval speeds.  You hear so much these days about finesse presentations, and here to help with finesse fishing, the Swim Fin grub can be fished without any movement of the lure, while the ultra-thin fin and tail gives life-like waving actions.  When the crappie is on the move or is aggressively feeding, cast past a structure or cover and retrieve very slowly and hold on!  This is a great bait to be fished with all year round.


   Culprit has never rest on its past success, due to its attributed classic designs and selective color options which are expanded each year.  With that being said, Culprit has improved the Crappie Baits series by adding new products every year for the crappie anglers:  New products were introduced recently, which includes the Paddle Tail Minnow, Steve Deason's Champion's Choice Jigheads, Crappie Rig, and the Panfish Prism Poppers.
   The Paddle Tail Minnow features the classic minnow shape with a “kicking” paddle tail for a life-like presentation, and can be fished just like the Paddle Tail Grub.


   Steve Deason's Champion's Choice Jigheads features eight color selections in  1/16-, 1/32- and 1/16-oz. weights.  These minnow shaped jigheads prevents line twists & headspin, runs smoothly, and cuts accurately for better bait presentation.


   The Culprit Crappie Rig features 2 fine-wire extensions that allow baits to swim independently while suspended over structure or slowly trolled over submerged vegetation.  This can be used with a live minnow or with any of the above Crappie Baits.


   The Panfish Prism Popper features a high-flash prism finish and hand-tied attractor tail.  These poppers provides the flash and surface splash to attract more strikes when crappie are shallow.


NEW FOR 2009!  

The 2-inch Deason Double Hammer features twin kicking tails that double the amount of noticeable tail “flutter”, even at a slow lure retrieve.  Its unique wide body and protruding tentacles keep the body in a horizontal position during its descent and slows the presentation of the bait, keeping it in the strike zone longer.  The combined features of the fluttering, double-tail action and wide body with tentacles for a slow descent, will surely increase strikes per cast when fishing tight line areas around thick vegetation or during a slow troll through skinny waters.  Together these two new features will emit more vibration sound and surely catch the eye of those big daddy slabs.  There are 8 colors to choose from and these are already on their store site and in stock!



   So as you can see, Culprit has a variety of lures and colors to catch crappie in any water and weather condition all year round.  So the next time you head to your favorite tackle shop to stock up on plastics, ask for these hot new products and colors from Culprit.  Creating a menu with these new Crappie Baits will help the fish decide what they want and help you catch more crappie!

For many color selections, or to order the proven Crappie Baits, go to the Culprit website, or by phone at:  (407) 656-6133.

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