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"When you're crappie fishing, it is very important to have the right crappie fishing equipment or you probably will go home empty handed.  Don't you hate it when everyone around you seems to know how to catch crappie but you don't?  You think you have purchased all the right equipment and rigging but you just can't seem to increase your catch.   Yes everyone seems to know what to use but you.....well until now."

   The following crappie fishing equipment has been tried and proven to catch crappie, and the best thing about it, you won't have to spend an arm and leg to get them.

Poles for crappie fishing

Bamboo poles (don't laugh it's for real): price range: $5 to $10

   One of the most irritating things I can think of is spending a day digging line rat nests from a beginners reel.   Bamboo poles are great, tangle free poles that should be on your crappie fishing list.  But don't be fooled into thinking these poles are just for beginners.   Old school crappie fishermen use them because they are sturdy enough to catch any slab crappie out there, and they are very flexible.

Telescoping crappie fishing poles: price range: $10 to $30

   Telescoping rods are great for fishing in thick brush because they are adjustable.  We all should have a telescoping rod in our crappie fishing riggingarsenal so we can be ready for any crappie fishing situation.

Graphite poles: price range: $30 to $100

   Graphite rods are excellent for crappie fishing.  They have flexible tips that you can feel even the slightest bite.  These rods are extremely flexible, but strong enough to pull a big crappie out of the brush.  They also are perfect for the need wrist action when jigging for crappie.
   Graphite ultralight rods are perfect for crappie fishing.  There are three main reasons to have a graphite ultralight rod:

  Reason #1:  In order to get the right jigging action, you're going to need an ultralight rod that gives you the right amount of movement.  Most of the up and down action of jigging is in the wrist movement.  So an ultralight rod works great for not over-stressing the forearm muscles.
  Reason #2:  Crappie lips are paper-thin. The ultralight is so flexible that when you set the hook hard, it won't rip through the crappie's lip or right out of their mouth.
  Reason #3:  The flexibility of the ultralight make fighting a crappie through the water a blast!  I don't know about you, but I like to feel the fish fighting when I set the hook and start reeling in.

   Well folks, when you are out selecting the right rod for your crappie fishing arsenal, take this article with you and select the right crappie fishing poles for your fun and successful fishing trips.

Mark Fleagle, Author:    A well respected fishing specialist with 30+ years of fishing experience,who has published many fishing articles.  Mark has been a online presence for fishing resources for going on 4 years.  My site:    Get your free copy of "78 Fishing Discoveries Unleashed".

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